lindsay.jpgHey there! Lindsay here, the new owner of Mulberry Street Diaper Co. The new "Anna" if you will, for those of you who have been around since MSDC was born. Much like my predecessor, I may have just a slight addiction to fluff. Which may or may not have contributed to me quite literally buying all the diapers....                                        

I didn't know cloth was an option 14 years ago when my oldest daughter, Juliette came along. Looking back though, I think I've always had some "crunchy" tendencies (another term I had no idea existed.) I had no clue what I was doing back then, I didn't know anyone with babies. But I did know for certain I wanted a natural childbirth, I was determined to breastfeed for at least a year, and babywearing seemed the natural solution to keeping her safe and happy while I worked, shopped or got things done around the house. 

Fast forward 12 years when Lily Grace was born. By then I knew of one or two people who had cloth diapered and I was intrigued. I remembered how irritated disposables made Juliette, how uncomfortable they seemed, and if I'm being honest...they just weren't cute enough! When I started researching I was even happier with the thought of producing less waste and maybe even saving some money. My husband, ever supportive, was totally on board with giving cloth a try. There was just one problem...researching cloth diapers online was incredibly overwhelming. Imgine my relief when I discovered Mulberry Street Diaper Co. just a few miles from me! A place where I could see and feel alll the different styles and brands of diapers, ask questions, and know exactly what I was getting. So I went to check it out.  

And just like that...another cloth diaper addict was born. 

We used cloth part time until we could build our stash and Lily grew big enough to fit in One Size diapers, since we hadn't started buying until she was born and knew nothing of newborn options. By the time she was 4 months old, we were exclusively using cloth at home, daycare, even on vacation! When we found out baby #3 was on the way, we knew we would cloth from the start.

When Dan and Anna announced that they would be closing MSDC, my heart sank. But my husband didn't hesitate for one moment before assuring me we wouldn't let that happen. He just knew this was what was meant for us. So we expressed our sincere interest in carrying on the vision of MSDC and put the rest in God's hands. In just a few short weeks we were business owners. The following month we relocated our shop to a charming space in a historic building with onsite parking in Manheim Township. 

This is my hubby Nikolas with our two little ones and me with our oldest. Nik is not only my support system but also shares my vision for growing Mulberry Street Diaper Co. into a full natural parenting store. We are continually adding to our selection of babwearing, breastfeeding, and femine hygenie options as well as learning toys and locally handmade items. We buy our products from reputable companies, support domestic and small business, and want our shop to be a welcoming place for babies and parents. 

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If you live near Lancaster County, PA area come visit us! Even if you aren't local, we'd love to hear from you. I love to talk cloth, so if you ever have any comments or questions just send me an email at